Thursday, February 25, 2010

Once You Pop You Can't Stop (Eating Brains)

Roger Ebert's review of The Crazies is mostly positive but is laced with a seemingly complete exhaustion towards the undead genre itself. I found this bit especially amusing:

"Is there an agreed definition of what is a zombie and how they get that way? Not that I know of. I think zombies are defined by behavior and can be "explained" by many handy shortcuts: the supernatural, radiation, a virus, space visitors, secret weapons, a Harvard education and so on. I suppose it would be a "spoiler" if I revealed why the Crazies are on the lurch, but come on, does it matter? What if I revealed they got that way because of, oh, say, eating Pringles? Would that spoil things for you? What difference does it make? All that matters is that they got to be zombies somehow. Before that, they were your friends and neighbors. Then they started in on the damn Pringles."

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Dale said...

I would say that zombies have to be dead, at least, and either stupid or hungry for human flesh/brains. That's the bare minimium for me.

I'm glad he was mostly positive, though. I was quite disappointed by the original, and have been hoping this one would turn out well, even though I doubted it would - the poster and trailer are pretty, but the writers and director have a pretty awful track record.