Friday, January 29, 2010

Sean Faris Three Times


(pics via) Saw that he's on The Vampire Diaries now when I was flipping through the channels last night. I suppose that was an inevitable move, what with his "film" "career" turning to dust between his fingers. But what I wanna know is, will he and Ian Somerhalder make out? On screen, I mean, I'm sure there's plenty of behind-the-scenes junk going on, but that's not doing me any good.


J.D. said...

Holy fucking shit, those pics.

Wayne B said...

Not much of a thespian but damn is he nice to look at.

John said...

I starting watching VD in October and it's prety good and lots of very cute/hot guys to look at. Ian Sommerhalder is reason enough to watch. Sean looks so hot in those pics. Vampires is all the rage these days

DuchessKitty said...

Sean Faris is on "The Vampire Diaries"? Dang it, why didn't I know this!?
I'll have to start watching; I love him enough to always ignore his horrible acting skills.