Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Give Me 90 Mins In A Box With Ryan Reynolds...


... and somebody's gonna come out pregnant. I will make the impossible possible through sheer will. I have the power!

Ahem. If you head over to Slash you can see the teaser trailer for Buried, that movie starring Ryan Reynolds and only Ryan Reynolds for 90 minutes where he wakes up buried alive and has to figure a way out. There's also an entire scene at the link. There appears to be significant man cleavage on display, which is nice and will make the time pass easier, but I do hope that in MacGuyver'ing his way out of the situation he needs to use every last bit of clothing he's wearing. Because what's the point of a Ryan Reynolds movie if I don't get to see his ass anyway? I mean, really.

1 comment:

Prospero said...

Only 90 minutes? Amateur. ;)