Friday, January 08, 2010

Eli Roth Two Times

Well I haven't seen these shots before:

If I had seen these shots before, believe me
y'all woulda known I'd seen these shots before. (via)


J.D. said...


Button Holed said...

He's way, way, way up there on my list of best lookers.

John said...

I really like his legs. The thing is.. I don't find his face attractive but he has this weird sexual quality. I wouldn't mind putting it in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Never saw these before either. My pants are strangely tight now.

Have you seen the video of him, sort of a documentary short piece I think for a DVD extra? Camera person filming Eli coming from just waking up, walking across the room in his boxers with an obvious stiff swagger in his shorts, then camera person gets to film Eli naked in the shower and drying off after. LUCKY camera person! I hate that person whoever they are.