Tuesday, January 05, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Random


(As if the randomness ever quits round these parts.) Here's something I stumbled upon! In a quest for something else, I found a video some of us might appreciate. See, I might've found Nine to be an execrable turd, but it did remind me of how well Daniel Day Lewis cleans up. Such an astonishing looking man. And then I rewatched There Will Be Blood over the break which only further cemented his center-square location in my current lusts. (Yes, that's right - Daniel Plainview is a hot piece. I said it!) Anyway I was looking for something else and stumbled upon this video (via), a clip from the 1989 film Eversmile, New Jersey, which I had never ever heard of, not once, not ever. It stars DDL as a dentist traversing the cavity-strewn wilds of South America on a motorcycle. Apparently. (Also, WTF?) Anyway, he looks most beautiful in this clip, and spends it half-naked and in the shower, so I post it. The end.



1 comment:

John said...

Daniel Day Lewis is actually really sexy.

My Beautiful Laundrette, anyone? A gay bad boy with a heart of gold. Yeah, it's hot.