Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


These are scenes I've been meaning to compare forever - any horror-fan worth their weight in day-glo red paint knows how much Steve Miner ripped off borrowed ripped off from Mario Bava's earlier film for the second Friday the 13th, and this scene's kinda sorta pretty obvious in that respect. Although Miner did spread the love theft - see how the camera follows the spear's POV in Bava's Bay of Blood up top? Well Miner didn't use that shot itself until slightly later in Friday: Part 2, when he follows a knife in the foreground towards a cowering lass up ahead:

See? So totally different! Ahh shrug. I don't so much mind the stealing - Part 2's probably my favorite Friday anyway. It's got my beloved handicapable hot-ass Mark (his death scene is actually right before this one) in it after all. Hubba hubba -->

Also, for the record, if you do have to die violently, doing it while fucking is I suppose not one of the absolute worst ways to go. In the overall scheme of things here amongst the many Ways Not To Die that I've chronicled so far, this would definitely be preferable to, say, having a heart attack because your face was carved off with a scalpel, or having possessed barbed-wire fly up through your privates. But still. It'd be better to have just the sex part, not the stabby part, if one were to have the choice, is what I am saying to you now.

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Ian said...

So much penetration.

Jason Adams said...

Penetration is my specialty.

Joel said...

I wrote an essay on how american slashers rapped off Giallo films, and this was one of the first comparisons I made!

Jason Adams said...

Kick ass, Joel. Ahh I miss the heady days of writing college papers about horror films! I wrote a forty-five page paper on the psychology of the Scream trilogy back in the day. I have no idea what I could've taken 45 pages to say on that now, these many years later, but I imagine it was exciting nonsense of the best sort.