Thursday, December 17, 2009

Release The Kraken... In Your Pants!


The Kraken just totally gave me a bout of morning-wood. The second trailer for Clash of the Titans has been officially released after a little slippage earlier this week, and it's more of the same wonderful jaw-dropping cheesiness that gives me the vapors. Yes and more yes and a heaping side-dish of goddamn yes. Watch it at Apple. Here are a few more screencaps I took.

Ralph! There you are you big lug. Beardy lug, that is.

Raise your hand if you wouldn't mind watching
Sam and Mads make out. Do it. Do it!

Upskirt, ho!

I see Medusa! I hope they make a point of the fact that her story's really freaking sad and her death's a tragedy, but I think it might be glossed over like usual. Alas.

For screencaps from the first trailer for this movie, click here. I really can't wait for this despite myself. My brain says hell no, but my pants... they want more. Always more. So hungry.


Joe Reid said...

Yeah, this movie definitely seems like the type to delve into the complexity of the Medusa story, offering a meditation on the contradictory images of female empowerment and sexuality in Greek mythology. Absolutely.

Jwise said...

Anyone else surprised by how many movies are still straight up cribbing from the Pan's Labyrinth playbook three years later with their creature designs?

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Sam Worthington is handsome but hes soooo boring and average as an actor.