Monday, December 14, 2009

Bless You, Detroit Film Critics...


... for nominating Alison Lohman's performance in Drag Me To Hell
for Best Actress in your end-of-the-year awards.
That kicks all kinds of ass.


Kirk Hamilton said...

Seriously? That is awesome.

Jason Adams said...

Right? It totally is. All bullshit aside, I thought she was really fucking great in the film with a really tough character to nail. She's gotta be completely selfish and do horrible horrible things and yet keep us with her and rooting for her and she made it fucking happen. Really underrated work from her and it makes my insides squeal with pleasure to see her get some love. Well she'll be getting lvoe from me when the time comes, but it's nice to see it come from someplace with slightly slightly ever so much more cred.

Kirk Hamilton said...

Total concurment. Like you said, she had to hit that sweet spot between being nice enough that we didn't totally hate her, but lame-o enough that when it came right down to it, we were sorta okay with... well... {see film's title}.

In that scene in the rainy graveyard near the end, she was such an awesome blend of hot/desperate/annoying/triumphant... totally props-worthy. Good on ya, Detroit Film Critics!