Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well Golly, It Wasn't That Bad

Well now I'm feeling sorta shitty in retrospect about dissing Richard Kelly's The Box in my review. Now being after reading this unnerving statistic (via):

"Aside from a handful of horror flicks, the spooky thriller The Box has received the worst CinemaScore grades ever from moviegoers, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Wednesday). The newspaper noted that of the 33 demographic categories measured by the service, The Box got an F in 29 and a D in the other four.

CinemaScore founder Ed Mintz said the film scored poorly mostly because of the ending. "I'd love to hear how they thought they were going to get good word-of-mouth from that ending. But that's the reason why the movie got an F," he said. "The public acted in vengeance. They got angry about where the story went, and the grade definitely reflects that anger."

I won't get spoilery here, but the ending is the least of the movie's problems. I actually admired Kelly for going the distance - I just didn't feel enough of an emotional attachment to the characters in the end to care that much.

But man, there are far, far worse movies being made than this! I mean come on, people. I'd sit through The Box a dozen more times - and I will inevitably watch it again once it's out on DVD to see if perhaps I might find something to cling to (I did end up liking Southland Tales much better on my second viewing) - than force myself to watch five minutes of any given Michael Bay movie again.

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Joe Reid said...

As disappointing as "The Box" is, it's one hundred times the movie "The Fourth Kind" is. Not that that movie is getting any kind of raves, but still. There are plenty worse movies out there.