Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

I should've known better than to read Rich's review of Precious over at FourFour before getting around to writing one myself - I saw the film last night - because now I just feel as if the entire enterprise of writing a review myself is pointless, Rich said it all so well. Here's an especially wonderful bit:

"Granted, it's hard to look past the abuse suffered by Precious via Mary. Some find it ridiculous and outrageous. "Ridiculous" and "outrageous," of course, are also very good words to describe the concept of child abuse. To telegraph the hope-destroying atrocity of child abuse, anything less than a pummel to the face is letting the viewer off easy. I love that there is a movie getting so much attention that takes a very explicit look at abuse, because abuse is so readily swept under the rug. Maybe this is the finest consequence of the oversharing turn that our culture has taken: shamelessness has use beyond navel-gazing. The more we talk about this stuff, the more we understand. It's pretty hard to heal when you're embarrassed and I think a film like Precious can help diminish that embarrassment, however slightly."

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