Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Looks Can Kill

Apparently a slew of low-quality scans of the posters for the Clash of the Titans remake popped up briefly online today only to have the studio swing in on their winged horses and tell everybody to take them down. I really don't get why they do this junk - the stuff is out there and is not gonna go away, so why don't you just make haste and release hi-res versions of the images so we're not staring at crappy ones? Like these four:

You can see all eight right here.
For now, at least.

As for the images, I like what I am looking at. It struck me the other day that somehow some way I have become very enthusiastic about this movie. As much as I do enjoy the original it's the sorta flick that could, in the right hands - not that I'm sold on director Louis Leterrier, mind you - really benefit from an update. I'm not knocking Harryhausen's great great stop-motion work in the old movie, I love it I do, but as an entirely separate entity the story could exploit the hell outta new CG effects and show us something really really cool.

Plus Sam Worthington in a skirt. Ka-ching!


Glenn Dunks said...

It's because the studios all have a monopoly with websites like Cinematical and AICN that need to have "exclusive" rights to the premieres. Ridiculous because once it's out there nobody gives a hoot as to where it premiered.

mB said...

Love the medusa poster. Not so hot on the Fiennes poster though... I love him best when hairless (a la In Bruges or Harry Potter)