Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lock The Door And Throw Away The Key

In all the yapping about The Experiment - the remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel's 2001 film Das Experiment - that I've done over the years, I don't know that I've just laid bare what my fascination with the project really comes down to. Oh sure, the Standford Prison Experiment is a fascinating subject that could possibly say a lot about America right now, the human proclivity towards torture when given free rein over another human completely, and what not, yadda yadda, but what it comes down is this: Das Experiment is a hugely homoerotic film starring my beloved Moritz Bleibtreu where the story's basically just a semi-classy overlay (Very Important Themes!) on what's at its heart just a bunch of attractive actors playing prison guards and inmates who slowly learn to humiliate, often with sexual under/over-tones, each other.


Anyway, hence all my attentions paid to casting the remake over the years... where once we had rumors of Chalie Hunnam and Channing Tatum (good grief, I would've exploded in the theater), now in reality we've got Cam Gigandet and Adrien Brody. Hrm. Oh and Travis Fimmel! Travis Fimmel's a good one!

For now we'll have to wait and see how porny they make this thing, but these new pair of pictures via BD give me a little hope...

... since they prominently center Cam's crotch and a wife-beater'd Adrien about to get his head shorn by some fierce-eyed guards. Moving slowly in the right direction... we all just need to close our eyes and wish real hard! Hard and porny! Now!


J.D. said...

I've been kind of stuck on Bleibtreu since I saw The Baader Meinhof Complex a while ago.


Jason Adams said...

Yes you do.