Thursday, November 19, 2009

Further Quotes of the Day

Oh hooray, the second Twilight film has at least brought about this one good thing: it's given Roger Ebert the always-exciting task of writing up a string of hilarious take-downs. His whole review's a gas so go over and read it, but I'm gonna just go ahead and quote all my favorite bits here...

"The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan. Never have teenagers been in greater need of a jump-start. Granted some of them are more than 100 years old, but still: their charisma is by Madame Tussaud."

"Edward and Bella spend murky moments glowering at each other and thinking, So, here we are again."

"Edward (Robert Pattinson) is back in school, repeating the 12th grade for the 84th time. Bella sees him in the school parking lot, walking toward her in slow-motion, wearing one of those Edwardian Beatles jackets with a velvet collar, pregnant with his beauty. How white his skin, how red his lips. The decay of middle age may transform him into the Joker."

"Long pauses interrupt longer ones."
Oh and one other thing from Roger today - his review of the just-mentioned-in-my-previous-post Werner Herzog film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans points out that Jennifer Coolidge is in that movie!

I did not know that Jennifer Coolidge was in that movie, I do not think! Awesome! He says of her character:

"Coolidge, with great screen presence as always, changes gears and plays a MI-wouldn't-LF."

So that rocks my face off.

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