Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Very Werner Herzog Holiday Time!

Like Bob Cratchit before me, this season I have been blessed. No, not with a crippled child that won't shut the hell up, but rather a pair of Werner Herzog movies in theaters all within the space of the next few holly-riddled weeks! Hooray!

Opening tomorrow is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (sidenote: I deserve a pat on the back because that's the first time I have ever spelled "lieutenant" right without having to spell-check it in my life right there) in which vaunted-ham Nicolas Cage reportedly stares at an iguana for several minutes. So there.

And opening in 22 days (that is, December 11th) is My Son My Son What Have Ye Done? (sidenote #2: there will be no letters left for the cinema marquees once these two movies are out at once), Herzog's story of a man, his mother, and the samurai sword that came between them. That one stars quickly-becoming-an-MNPP-fave Michael Shannon. So so there.

Anyway, Werner Herzog is by my estimations one of the best film-makers working on the planet today and I will see anything he is willing to give me and I will be happy with whatever the hell that is, amen. So thanks for blessing the season, Werner! The merriest of misanthropes, indeed!

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