Thursday, October 22, 2009

There's Good News, There's Great News...

... and then there's orgasm-torrent-unleashing news right here. Via here:

"Ain't no party like a Party Down party!

Kristen Bell knows it. So does Jane Lynch. Which is why, even though they're kind of a big deal now (news flash: K.Bell on the big screen and J.Lynch on Fox's Glee), we can tell you exclusively that both bold-ass blondes will be coming back to Starz's thoroughly entertaining comedy Party Down."

Click the link for further, kinda spoilery details about their returns.

Anyway, hooray! Hooray times infinity! I haven't blogged much about Party Down - just here and here really - but I totally totally worship the show and can't wait for it to come back and I was worried Jane Lynch wouldn't come back now that she's on that big-time song-n-dance show so her return (although it's brief) is delight distilled down to its very essence. Dingleberries! (thx Joe!)

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome...because originally? Lynch was not coming back at all due to Glee. It's the only reason I don't watch Glee. Glee stole the awesome Lynch from Party Down...but now I guess I can give Glee a shot. :)