Thursday, October 08, 2009

Do Something Nice For A Change!

Yeah, I'm talking to you! Put down that infant-leg you're gnawing on and give the world a gift. And by "the world" I mean my pal Stacie Ponder - she's earned it. She gives and gives and all we rotten scoundrels do is take and take until she's nothing but an empty shell, a sad sack of shattered dreams. We're monsters! Monsters!

Ahem. Stacie Ponder of Final Girl went and made a delightful short zombie movie called They Won't Stay Fed! and entered it in a contest right here. You go vote! Do it now! Yes, you have to register, but it takes like ten seconds and then you can totally vote for her something like 15 times a day. You can just keep clicking and clicking (and knitting and knitting and knitting). It's ridiculous. Ridonkulous, maybe, even.

Anyway, if Stacie wins she's promised us all foot massages. Not really, but I'm just putting that out there. My feet are fucking killing me. Anyone?


Stacie Ponder said...

If I win and you fly yourself out to Los Angeles, I will totally give you a foot massage...seems like a great deal to me!

Thanks,'re the ginchiest!

Jason Adams said...

You mean you won't use your winnings to fly me out there yourself? HUMPH! I've been had!!!

I don't know what it means to be ginchy. The word itself, sans any knowledge of its actual meaning, make me think of constipation for some reason. So there's that. Anyway, off to urban dictionary I go!



So, sayeth the experts:


1. the singular form of the more widely accepted, Ginchiest. Meaning cool, groovy, hep, happenin', awesome, kick-ass, rockin', .

2. the pinnacle of cool.

"Pumas have got to be the ginchiest. They're funky-hot for sure."

Funky-hot! Awesome! Thanks, lady!