Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Winq & You Will Find Me

Hey everybody! Just a brief heads-up that's there's a little bit of little ol' me at the newsstands this month - in the November issue of Winq magazine I was asked, along with a couple of my gay-horror-blogging peers, to name a favorite recent gay horror film.

So I did! I did! And I liked it! I liked it!

So go check that out if you're so obsessed with me you just can't help yourself. And otherwise, if you ain't so obsessed with me you just can't help yourself, tell me what I'm doing wrong, baby. I make it right!

Or maybe check it out anyway, even if you've no opinion with regards to an obsession with me either way. Whatever. There's like writing and hot guys in it, too. If you're into that sort of thing. And a big thanks to Boyd for the opportunity. Boyd rules!


Wayne B said...

Congrats on the ink! I'll have to look for it, hope they sell it in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Well... what movie did you say?

Glenn said...


What did you answer?

Boyd said...

I wish! Thanks for your contribution!