Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As For Splice...

... this past weekend came and went and I didn't hear nothing, but now via BD comes a snippet of info on Splice, the bio-terror flick starring Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody that I bemoaned a lack of info on last week:

"For those of you attending Sitges, get ready for the world premiere of Vincenzo Natali's (Cube) highly anticipated Splice... Word on the street is this is one helluva movie, so hopefully with Senator out of business, a new company will come in and snatch the film up for release here in the States."

A-ha! Its production company went outta business. That might explain why its release date came and went without a peep. So yes, let us all cross our fingers and toes and other bits and pieces if possible (don't strain anything!) that this movie will get proper play somewhere. I demand it so!

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NicolasCageMage said...

The picture looks like zombie Bjork. Just saying.