Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tree Grows In Austin

How blessed are we that we live in an age when it's not mandatory that we watch drivel like One Tree Hill in order to still get the few scarce benefits that drivel like One Tree Hill does in fact offer? I talk mainly of the fact that Jake's BFF Austin Nichols has joined the show (I have no idea if he's been on it for years or what the deal is) and appears to be parading around half-naked every episode. If this were the 1970s I'd have to watch the whole show to catch these glimpses! And my brain would shrivel and die. But thanks to the wonders of it being the present I can simply find these images on the internet and not murder my brain (well, at least not in this fashion). Hooray for technology! Hooray for us all!


1 comment:

Wayne B said...

Love the banner photo!

Austin's ass ain't bad either.