Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

From a very very early test screening comes the first review I've seen anywhere of Prince of Persia, and thus this tidbit that surely made Jerry Bruckheimer's toes curl:

"Some 14 year old said it blew his mind."

And that is why this movie was made. Triumph!

Seriously though, the review is generally mixed but says the film, in the very very early state in which it was viewed, could be fixed with some minor tweaking. Most importantly, the reviewer doesn't say anything about Jake humiliating himself, which was my biggest concern. Although judging by these new shots of him in costume (via) from the film's website, there might be some something to be said for how into that large phallic dagger of his he appears to be. Staring so intently...


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check out Jesse Bradford in this: