Wednesday, September 09, 2009


That's the number of days until we finally finally FINALLY get to see the "Blair Witch meets Poltergeist" ultra-low-budget horror flick Paranormal Activity! Says IndieWire:

"Israeli emigre Oren Peli’s microbudget haunted house film Paranormal Activity is one scary movie. Thanks to producer Jason Blum, Paramount picked up the $11,000 movie after some re-cutting and has set a September 25 release."

Yay! I've been salivating over getting my fangs into this one for nearly two years now, so this makes me - and this is all about me, after all - super duper crazy happy. A horror film to look forward to! The Autumn was looking parched now that The Final Destination had come and gone (no Saw for me). Yay! Now let's just keep our eyes peeled for where it's playing... hopefully they intend this to play everywhere and not just some tiny release to dollar-theaters in rural towns. It's happened before! I been burned before!

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