Friday, September 18, 2009

How The Hell Did That Happen?

So you might have noticed that I like the television show Fringe. I brought it up a few times there at the back-end of its first season. It pleases me. So I was looking forward to the second season starting.

And then it started. Last night, I guess? Who knew? Ack! It wasn't until the episode was half over when I turned on the television and saw Josh Jackson staring back at me that I remembered, cursed myself, and snapped off the TV quick to let the Tivo do its job recording the remainder of the episode.

And I realized that it's pretty much official now: the television schedules don't mean anything to me anymore. I took pretty much the entire Summer off from TV. The few things I did watch either the Tivo knew when and where to get it so I didn't have to do anything but check what it had gathered for me when I was in the mood or, like with True Blood, I snatched it up a day or so after it aired through "other means." I'm just not watching anything when it airs anymore. Viva convenience, and all that jazz.

But this led to a couple of things happening. First off, I completely forgot Fringe was back tonight (thankfully my Tivo is not so forgetful) and so I didn't post anything to y'all about the fact that Fringe was coming back ohmygod we're all so excited let's orgasm together. I love those posts! A loss, to be sure.

And secondly, this led me to the realization that WHAT THE FUCK, Fringe is on Thursday nights at 9pm now? What about 30Rock when it comes back, and Joel McHale's Community? How will I see those shows? UGH. Pain! Fringe was great where it was last year, why'd they go and move it to Thursday night?

Blurgh! Blurgh extreme!

So all of this is my way of telling you people that I haven't watched last night's Fringe yet so don't tell me what happened. That would make love die.

Oh and Dollhouse IS back on TONIGHT. That I know!


Anonymous said...

Hi there my friend.
I think the new season of Dollhouse will begin next friday, I read that somewhere, so if it doesn't begin today don't be disappointed.

Jason Adams said...

Hmm, I was trying to decide if I could get away with pretending I meant that last line as a joke or not. See, the whole post was about me being wrong and having no clue, so it is ironic that I gave the wrong Dollhouse date.

But the irony is at my own expense and only proves my point because I really actually thought Dollhouse started tonight. You are right, anon, upon checking I see it starts next week.

Whoopsie! My bad!

Anonymous said...

I was convinced it was tonight as well. Super sad :(

Branden said...

I have the same fears with you. I missed Fringe to the season priemere of The Office and Community. It sucked donkey balls.

I could watch Fringe from now on and catch 30 Rock on Hulu or something. It depends.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry my dear Jason but your ironic tone sounds the same as your regular tone, that's why I didn't know you were being ironic about the Dollhouse date. Anyway you have to watch last night's Fringe (it was good, fun and intriguing) and we all have to wait one more week for Dollhouse.