Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chop Chop!

Well kiddies, it's that blessed time again - time when we start hearing what the masterful South Korean director Park Chan-wook is gonna get his hands all up in next. His vampire-priest love-story Thirst just made the rounds last month (did it play near you?) and now via Twitch comes the word of his next possible picture:

"Park Chan-Wook seems to have decided his next move, waiting for his ambitious venture with Bong Joon-Ho set for 2012, the SF blockbuster 설국열차 (Transperceneige). According to a Star News exclusive (so we'll treat this as an informed rumor until more sources pop up), Park will in fact return to Chungmuro with the first remake of his career, adapting Costa-Gavras' 2005 film Le Couperet (The Ax), itself adapted from Donald E. Westlake's eponymous novel. The premise couldn't be more topical: a middle aged, middle class salaryman loses his job after a downsizing, and after spending the following two years downsizing his lifestyle, he decides to overcome competition in his own personal way: chopping down anyone who gets in the way of his path back into fiscal solvency.

Park was approached by Studio Canal at the last Cannes Film Festival, right as offers from Hollywood were raining down on him, so it's likely they will join Moho Films in a co-production. Last year's debutant Lee Gyeong-Mi of 미쓰 홍당무 (Crush & Blush) is writing the script as we speak, and the film plans to shoot in New York. Feels exactly like the kind of film Park might turn into brilliance (particularly following the global crisis), so we'll just have to hope this turns out to be true."

If he's shooting in New York might it be in English? It'd be hist first film in English if so (although there were chunks of Thirst that were), and it'd surprise me honestly since from all I've ever seen Park doesn't seem to speak the language himself (or at least not well enough to not need a translator). But just because it's being shot here certainly doesn't mean it has to be in English. Ack I'm rambling; this man does that to me. It will be exciting for him to be shooting here in my home. I will totally stalk the shoot, I swear it!

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