Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paranormal City


Oh please please please let "limited release" equal a run here in New York! Once upon a time I thought such a thing was implied but I have been burned before. Via BD:

"Oren Peli's hotly anticipated indie haunt film Paranormal Activity (early review) is aiming for a limited release on September 25th from Paramount Pictures. Word has is we'll be seeing some altercations to the festival cut, including a new ending. In the film a young couple suspects that their house is haunted by a malevolent entity. They set up video surveillance to capture evidence of what happens at night as they sleep. Their surveillance and home videos have been edited into the 99 minute feature film "Paranormal Activity"."

I first heard and posted on Paranormal Activity back in January of 2008, so this has been a looooong time coming. And it's one that I hadn't forgotten about either; every month or so I would check up on it, look at the film's stagnant website, see there's been no new news, and sigh. Sigh the exasperated sigh of the deranged fan-boy spurned! So thankful for this news I am. When the film was bought by Paramount there was talk that we'd never see the celebrated low-budget version; that they were just going to remake it with a bigger budget and probably ruin the thing. So this is a delight! Now I just cross my fingers to see an NYC location pop up.


Anonymous said...

I have been sooooo looking forward to this flick ever since AICN did its first piece on it.

And now I have to wait an entire month to find out if it'll be playing anywhere near me? Arrggh!

Ross said...

L.A. too, please! I've been waiting for this one as well!