Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michael V. Death


This is a query that's been on the chapped blood-hungry lips of horror bloggers for weeks now, ever since we knew this horror-fied game of chicken was really going down on August 28th, so I oughta have asked it sooner than, ya know, August 27th, but I'm nothing if not... um, timely? Yeah, let's call it timely. I'm timely! So I have a question for you! A very timely question!


Well whattya y'all think? Will the crowd-pleasing fourth film - in spectacular 3D - of a continued box office and JA-approved successful franchise win out, or will a flop-sweat-drenched ugly abomination of over-edited bullshit make it to the top? Me biased? What?

And does anybody plan on seeing both?


Fox said...

I hope Death creeps it's way into Zombie's H2 and gives Michael the final nail he's secretly been pleading for.

And, yes, I'll probably be going to see both of this... sigh. But I'm actually looking forward to FD4'n3D.

Wayne B said...

I'm curious to see what happens with the Laurie character in Zombie's Halloween II. From what I've read her character becomes darker and goes through major changes.

Ross said...

I'm seeing TFD this weekend. I'm sure I'll see H2 eventually, but I'm not that excited. I'm hoping, though, that my severely lowered expectations will result in some enjoyment.