Monday, August 31, 2009

Nick Zano Six Times (Plus A Couple)


(via) Unlike the annoying Friday the 13th remake which assaulted the viewer with plastic boobs left and right but kept Jared Padalecki covered up the entire film, The Final Destination gives the viewer, i.e. me, exactly what the viewer, i.e. me, wants. Seriously y'all, I will write more about the movie in a bit (presumably), but it was as if this thing was catered to my every superficial desire. And as y'all might know by now, besides oodles of hysterically funny violence one of my superficial desires is man-flesh. And Mr. Zano, as seen above, offered it up on a silver platter. And thanks to the wonders of the internet we've already got some of the (shitty-quality) goods! (via)

This scene was so wonderfully long. A horror film that actually realizes it might have people in the audience who want to ogle fellas as well as ladies! Crazy!

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