Thursday, August 06, 2009

I Am Three Links

--- HBOhMyGodYES - Big thanks to Joe for shuffling this news right off and over to me first thing this morning and brightening an otherwise dreary outside day. Via EW:

"Laura Dern and School of Rock writer Mike White are developing a comedy called Enlightened for HBO, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Dern will star as a woman who causes mayhem when she decides to live an enlightened life."

You might recall Dern's hysterical performance in White's Year of the Dog a couple of years back; but what I want to know is, who at HBO has created a dream machine that intercepts all I want and turns it into TV shows? Thomas Jane's giant dick, Toni Collette being fab, vampire orgies, and now Laura Dern and Mike White teaming up? Good grief!

--- Speaking Of Vampire Orgies - I've never seen the original Mother's Day film, but I have seen the (shocking!) news around recently that it's being remade. And by the helmer of Saw 2-4 no less! Yeah, why should I care enough to have clicked on this link? I don't know, but I'm glad I did, because my new favorite person has been cast in the remake:

"Deborah Ann Woll (TV's "True Blood") has joined the cast of the remake of 1980 Troma classic "Mother's Day" says The Hollywood Reporter.

In the new version, a nefarious family comes back to their old town with their main goal being to make life miserable for the people living in their home. Woll will play a daughter in this bad family.

Darren Lynn Bousman ("Saw 2-4") directs the film which begins shooting this Fall in Manitoba for release next Spring."

It's Jessica! Wonderful, wonderful Jessica from True Blood. I've gotten far enough now into the 2nd season to understand what everyone was crowing about with regards to her - SHE IS AMAZING.

--- And finally, that remake of Das Experiment (which starred by beloved Moritz Bliebtreu being abused in disturbingly homoerotic ways) has been gathering steam and another hot-piece has been added to the cast:

"Former Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel has joined the cast of "The Experiment", the upcoming US remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel's 2001 German thriller "Das Experiment", for Sony Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

Fimmel will play a prison guard, taking over a role that had reportedly gone to Elijah Wood. "Lost" actress Maggie Grace has also been cast, playing the 'counterpoint' to the film's lead role played by Adrien Brody.

The script revolves around several dozen men who, as part of a scientific experiment, are chosen to simulate the roles of prisoners and guards, prompting a host of dark consequences.

The story based on an incident at Stanford University in 1971 in which an experiment that sought to find out how ordinary people would react in a prison situation went horribly awry."

I previously gave Fimmel some gratuitous affections right here. And here's a wee bit more since the opportunity doesn't arise nearly often enough...



Mike said...

Have you seen episodes of "Hung" that actually show his huge dick? Or even a bulge in a pair of pants that might point one towards the semblence of a big dick?

I'm not saying it's the worst show on television -- but it's the worst show on television. And not just because it's playing coy with the title.

Jason Adams said...

I just finished the fourth episode of Hung last night, Mike, and I... well I totally disagree. I'm enjoying the show a lot. Course I have a Jane Adams fetish and she's PHENOMENAL so far. But "the worst show on television"? Come on now. I could list about 500 hours of TV that airs every week that's a thousand times worse. Every single reality show on MTV, for example or VH1 for example. Or any of the fat-man-skinny-wife sitcoms on the networks. Hung's got plenty going for it. I don't think it's perfect, but I am enjoying it.

Sean T. Collins said...

I anxiously await the January 2010 debut of JAKE GYLLENHAAL AND ERIC BANA BLOWING EACH OTHER FOR AN HOUR EVERY WEEK. It's not TV, it's HBO!

Mike said...

My reason for calling it the worst show on television is based on the idea that it really shouldn't be a terrible show at all. It's got Jane Adams, whom I've loved since Happiness; it has Anne Heche, and I'm not ready to completely write her off yet; and it has Thomas Jane, who is very easy to look at.

Those other shows you reference aren't trying to be anything but terrible. It's worse, to me, to be a show that should be great and sucks.

I've watched three episodes, and I found them to be meandery and unfocused. They don't have the comic energy of "East Bound and Down," nor does it have the human drama touched by the absurd that "Six Feet Under" had. It's just this irritating joke -- "Hey, what if some guy had a big penis, only we'll never show it because the big penis is a metaphor and you don't show metaphors" -- stretched to thirty minutes. (And by the way, as Atia of the Julii says in "Rome," "A large penis is always welcome.")

I'm probably just being sour-grapes about this. I just wanted a better show than what I've been given.

Joe Reid said...

I'm with Mike on this. And I'm pretty sure it comes from the same people who made "The Riches," which I very much enjoyed, so it's even MORE disappointing! Bad show.

Jason Adams said...

Bah, I've found it very funny for the most part. And I like that it's stayed relatively low-key and kept things moving along slowly so far. I think it needs to find its footing still but I'm onboard. So bah I say!