Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good On Ya, Mike White...

... for selling a comedy script with a female lead! Not nearly enough of those going around, like, ever, so a dude who can sell scripts like Mike White can knockin' 'em off is good stuff. Slash/Film's got the details:

"White has sold a spec script to Columbia called Babe in the Woods...

No cast or director are attached to the script yet; the trade says White will polish the draft before sending it out. The story follows “a female freshman from the Midwest who arrives at Yale and becomes a target of the New Jersey mob.” The script is designed as an action-comedy..."

Slash suggest Aubrey Plaza, whom I was just discussing in the comments of my Funny People post. I could like her. Hrm. I have a sickness that demands Anna Faris be the first female comic name that ever pops into my head, but she might be a little old for this, right? Can she play a college freshman? I dunno. Whatever. Stop staring at me, god!

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