Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Of My Favorite Things


I especially like the way Alfred is inspecting Monty's uniform in the below picture. Because I'd have been all handsy myself and I admire Hitch for digging in.

Anyway, I'd not seen these shots from behind-the-scenes of 1953's I Confess - a flick's that's better than its reputation yet still Lesser Hitch all the same - before. I do know that Monty's Method Actor ways didn't mesh that well with Hitch's "the actors are cattle" thinking and supposedly they didn't get along too well. But they seem friendly enough there, and obviously the two split-seconds those images capture tell the whole story. The end.

I stumbled upon these pictures while immersing myself in a Monty picture-hunt... I didn't have a reason for being on a Monty picture-hunt other than it's a good time, looking at pictures of Monty, all on its own. See?

Told ya so. Most of these were new to me and most of them are from this Monty-centric blog... it's in Spanish so I have no idea what's being said but there's enough picture-goodness to make up for that. I mean, how else would I have ever seen the following, heretofore known as The Gayest Picture Ever Taken (non-pornographic, non-Richard Simmons edition):



movie scary said...

Great post, keep up the good work!

Laurence said...

Sigh - he's so beautiful