Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Miss Patrick Bateman

Oh Christian, why? Why, why, why?

That's Mr. Bale on the set of The Fighter (via), the David O. Russell flick he's currently filming, proving that for real that he'll take every break in between blockbusters to starve himself down to repulsive levels and quickly murder any and all hotness that he ever had. This weight fluctuating has not been kind to him; I haven't really thought he's looked right, or as right as he once did... ahem...

... for a few years and I fear this is only gonna lead him further down the path of withered unhealthiness. Sigh. What a loss. A drug addict could be attractive, Christian. It's the movies, dude! "Serious Actor" should be named a disease! A horrible terrible hotness-killing cancer.


Joe Reid said...

He's a wad.

homeslaughter said...

He is dead to me. In my mind he died in a single engine plane crash off the coast of Italy in a beautiful explosion right after American Psycho. It helps me sleep at night.