Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Am Link

--- Black Hole Sun - hey, y'all know about that big ol' eclipse happening tonight-slash-tomorrow, right? We won't be able to see it here in the States but I think someone in a distant land might point a camera at it when it happens. Anyway, The Film Experience (and friends!) (friends including me!) takes a look at 8 Movie Eclipses today in its approaching armageddon-y honor.

--- Pink, Oh - In the massive pile-up that is Movies I've Been Meaning To See Forever, Pink Narcissus rates pretty damned high. Billy Loves Stu reminds me why that is and lights a fire under my ass with his take on the film.

--- Intense Wand Action - Joe calls out a bunch of points on the latest Harry Potter flick over at Low-Res that are worth mentioning that I never got around to in my brief review, especially with regards to the sheer abundance of homo-eroticism in the flick. Like how Ron has a very large, very prominent broomstick.

--- And Speaking Of all junk Potter, these interviews with Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint on a Japanese comedy show by a very very very enthusiastic Potter fan have got to be seen to be believed.

--- The Bee-Q-Eee! - At last word comes from down high that Sufjan Stevens' music-and-video project The BQE is going to be released on DVD and CD on October 20th. I missed the show when it was performed in Brooklyn (tickets sold out in a flash) so I'm looking forward to this highly. Especially for the XXX extra-features on the DVD that exist solely in my mind. Oh Sufjan...

--- And finally, hey look! It's a third picture from Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox! I guess I'll be enthusiastically posting each one as they appear, it seems.


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