Monday, June 08, 2009

Put 'Em On The Glass, Jared Padalecki


(via) This is like the second or third picture from behind-the-scenes of the Friday the 13th remake to feature Jared Padalecki without his shirt on and it's really just further incensing me about the lack of dude-nudity in the film itself. Apparently Padalecki walked around half-naked the entire shoot EXCEPT when the camera was aimed at him, and all I have in response to that is a string of expletives. I mean... really? We got practically every single girl's boobs flung in our face but Jared's tight little t-shirt just couldn't even get torn while he was being ripped through windows and rolling down mine-shafts? Ugh.

Because it can't be said enough:
Fuck you, Marcus Nispel.


Kristine said...

Do you think those girls sold their souls to the devil to get that job? I think it was worth it.

God, my job sucks in comparison.

Taffy said...

Those girls probably did what I would do for that job, which is to say that:

a)I would pay good money for that job or do it for free because being that near to a half naked Jared P.would be payment enough!

b)Give the director a blowjob.

c)Photoshop myself into the picture because that's the only way I''ll ever get anywhere near a half naked Jared P.!

Kristine said...

Ooh...I look the Photoshop idea. I'm so doing that!

Pax Romano said...

OY! The only reason I watched that damn film is because of Jared Padalekkiwhozits....thank you for finding that picture, you have made my day.