Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Dream Of Lorre


"I think there’s a closeted Peter Lorre inside me that loves to play the fun, darker, weirder roles that hopefully I’ll get the chance to play as I move ahead in my career."

- That's newfangled Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, talking about how he doesn't want to get boxed in with the types of parts he plays. (via)

Okay, as my boyfriend pointed out following our Star Trek screening which I immediately recognized as a very good call, you'd better hope you never go bald, Mr. Pine, because you have what is quite possibly The World's Highest Forehead, and nobody's gonna be shepherding pretty boy roles your way anyway if your fluffy hair evaporates and quits disguising that fact.

So if this is actually your way of admitting you realize this and are just getting it out there now while you can, an avowal of freaky-looks-to-come and a commitment to a future career of playing the glorious creeps Lorre embodied so well, if you will, well then I do salute you all the same. Being like Peter Lorre is one of the loftiest heights an actor could strive for. So you keep dreaming, pretty boy. Maybe one day you can be that special.


Joe Reid said...

I can't say why, but this kind of slow-simmering, low key hostility towards Chris Pine, despite (because of?) the inability to deny he was pretty great in Star Trek is incredibly amusing.

Prospero said...

Despite the fact that I still think he looks like someone carved his head out of a block of wood (albeit a good-looking block of wood), I have no problem imagining him as child-moletser on the run from the mob.

By the way, JA - I know it's (supposedly)random, but your verfication words are always ridiculous. This one is "falic." Really? Yes. And so appropriate.

ms scrappy said...

I'm really surprised that he knows who Peter Lorre is. I know people way older than him that never heard of him.