Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daniel Brühl


I've never seen Daniel Brühl in anything before, but seeing as how that will change dramatically this year - he's in two flicks I'm hotly anticipating - I figure I should familiarize myself with the German actor and whilst at it wish the dude a happy 31 years old.

The two flicks he's got coming out soon are Julie Delpy's The Countess, in which Delpy bathes herself in supple virgin juice as the infamous lady Bathory, and of course Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino's ode the the German scalp. Bravo, mein herr!

He's standing beside my beloved Thomas Kretschmann in that last picture; it's from the 2008 movie In Tranzit. Mmm Kretschmann. I'll take any damned opportunity to post some him.


J.D. said...

Ugh, I'm in love with that boy.

JA, see Good Bye Lenin! please. And The Edukators. And 2 Days in Paris? His cameo is amaaaazing in that.

Jason Adams said...

Looking through his IMDb page when I did this post, JD, I was amazed that I hadn't seen any of those films. Shameful. But how can the fact that I have to watch Troll 2 for a third time before I get to them be helped? It cannot.

J.D. said...

Just make sure to squeeze them in before the fifth viewing, okay? Okay.

Ilka said...

Oh my god I LOVE him! I went through a phase where I watched every movie he was in, even cameos...so dreamy. I guess this means i will have to watch IG now.

Anonymous said...

He's one of the sexiest and talented young actors right now in Germany. YUMMY!!!

You must to see "Good Bye Lenin!", "Joyeux Noël" or "Salvador". He speaks perfectly German, French, English and Spanish.