Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's Raise Our Glasses To Murderous Asses...

... like you...
may you sleep soundly...

Got to see A Camp for the second sweet time in my life last evening and for the second sweet time they did not disappoint. A Camp you may should know are the side project of The Cardigans' front-lady and wunderkind of my eternal worship Nina Persson along with her husband Nathan Larson (formerly of the group Shudder To Think) as well as other fine folks.

Their terrific new album Colonia came out a few weeks ago and you should buy it, it's terrific. Terrific!!! Here's the video for the song called "Stronger Than Jesus":



Those pics at the top from last night's show,
along with several more, come via here.
Love you, Nina!

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shaun said...

Just got Colonia the other day...I need to load that baby on the ipod and get started! Nina can do no wrong. I sometimes think that, when the dust ultimately settles, Long Gone Before Daylight will wind up being my favorite album of all time!