Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Cronenberg Wants, Cronenberg... Wants

Well at least we can maybe now narrow down how to get David Cronenberg back onto the horror cinematic expressway after his double-(triple?)-dipping detour into Viggo-land and an upcoming layover in Tom-and-Denzel Town. Via MTV:

"I would return to the [horror] genre if I had a project that I really liked,” Cronenberg told MTV News in a recent interview.

He declined to speculate on what exactly would be appealing, but was adamant about what does not hold any interest for him. Namely, remaking any of his earlier films. “I’ve been asked to remake ‘The Brood,’ ‘Scanners,’ ‘Rabid.’ My response is they’ve already sort of been remade by other people in bits and pieces. A lot of the stuff I invented in my early movies has been recycled.”

... Above and beyond the been-there-done-that boringness of remaking his own work, it also seems that Cronenberg feels entirely disconnected—in terms of content and what sells movie tickets—from the contemporary crop of horror movies. “I don’t feel compelled to see ‘Saw’ or ‘Hostel’ just because they’re popular,” he said. “It’s up to them to make me want to watch them, and they didn’t do that.”

The director holds out special scorn for movies about movies, like the “Scream” franchise. “I don’t find that interesting at all,” he said with visceral contempt in his voice. He added, “‘Blair Witch’ was interesting enough to watch because it was rather unusual in many ways.”

(thanks to Nat for the heads-up on this)

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