Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote of the Day

Once upon a time there was a writer named Michael Dougherty. He wrote bunches of terrific scripts, like the one for X2. Then he got the chance to make his own movie, called Trick'r'Treat, and it was sort-of anthology flick about a bunch of spooky intersecting stories in one town on Halloween night. Everyone that saw the movie said it was very fine indeed. But somebody, quite possibly multiple somebodies, at the studio went and got their head(s) crammed so far up their asses they didn't know what to do with the movie. I suppose that's understandable, because it's hard to think of much else when your head is stuck up your ass other than, "Holy crap! Somebody get my head out of my ass!" Well apparently, in the interim, while these executives were stumbling around town begging for help, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny had sex together and the Easter Bunny got pregnant - very fertile - so she had an abortion but then their abortion lived and took just two years to grow up and become a super-powered movie studio executive in Hollywood and has apparently decided to do something with Trick'r'Treat finally, hooray! Via Dougherty's blog:

"Two announcements are coming. One in June, the other at Comic-Con in July. Fun stuff that makes me smile…and finally relax. Thanks for all of your messages and support.”"

Slash/Film says there are rumblings of some sort of release, DVD or otherwise, before the end of the year. Extremities crossed!


shaun said...

I'm afraid to get too excited, but this seems very promising! I'll add my extremities to the crossing!

Prospero said...

It's about fucking time!

Ross said...

You guys are all gonna love it - it's what Creepshow should have been.