Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can I Get A Hell Yes

Joe tackles and weeds out all there is worth tackling and weeding out with regards to the fun lil' trailer for Mike Judge's new flick Extract, but I feel the need to emphasize one thing:





And that's not even mentioning
Kristen Fucking Wiig Yo!

So there. So so there.

Speaking of Mike Judge, I chatted up my mother the other night and she is so the last person I ever expected to converse about Idiocracy with, but I guess they've been playing on Comedy Central a bunch? So she saw it, and here's her review:

"It was... (giggle)... stupid."

I can't disagree, Ma! I fully cannot disagree. As for Extract, it'll be out on September 4th. Really? September 4th? I just looked that up and that seems an awfully distant date if they're already showing the trailer. The laughs it's getting now are gonna feel mighty stale in five whole months... ah, what do I know? I'll just leave this one to the geniuses at the movie studios, they know all... cough cough I made a funny cough...


Prospero said...

I once dreamt that Beth Grant was a passenger in my car as we drove along a very steep and winding mountain road. She kept yelling at me to go faster because she was late for shoot. We took a particularly sharp curve, my passenger door flew open and she fell out, tumbling down the side of a cliff, screaming "I'll get you for this, you son of a bitch!"

Jason Adams said...

I am SO FUCKING JEALOUS of that dream, Prospero. That is WONDERFUL.

Prospero said...

Seriously. Who the hell dreams about Beth Grant? You and I, I guess...