Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quote of the Day


Y'all remember how Bryan Fuller opined a lil' ways back that he'd love to one day get his hands on a Star Trek television series all his own? Well that hasn't happened yet but SciFiWire asked him some questions on what he'd wanna do if the chance ever did present itself (Somebody get me JJ Abrams on the phone!) and his casting ideas are giving my happy-place seizures:

SciFiWire: You always have strong ideas about casting. Purely speculating, which actors are on your wish list for the leads?

Fuller: I want Rosario Dawson. She would be an interesting lead that wouldn't have to be a captain. I just find her infectiously charming.

SciFiWire: How about for the Captain Kirk archetype?

Fuller: I don't know. The captains are always so tough in terms of who they would be. There's ethnicity, gender and all these factors to consider. Angela Bassett as a captain would rock my boat, though."

Rosario and Angela kickin' space ass and takin' space names... I think I need those defibrillator paddles over here and now, people!

Just... the mind reels, ya know? I've never even been much of a Trek nut but I would already watch this show until my eyeballs fell out of my head. I would watch it until I turned to dust in front of the television and I would demand in my final will and testament that every particle of my body be swept up and dropped into the back of a TV set where the show was repeated for infinity.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I posted a few days ago to say I liked your site and now your title banner is an image from Picnic at Hanging Rock! I both love and fear that movie like no other--and nobody else seems to have heard of it. It's like we share a brain! Thanks again for a terrific Internet experience.

PS In the interests of your market research, it was all the Tahmoh that drew me here.

Jason Adams said...

Good ol' Tahmoh! He's done so much for me. And yet, until he's in my bed, not enough. ;-)

Picnic at Hanging Rock is an AMAZING film. I don't write about Peter Weir often enough - hell, he doesn't even have a tag here! - but he's one of my favorite filmmakers, and Picnic is maybe my favorite film of his. I say maybe because I really really love Fearless as well. And Truman. And Year of Living Dangerously. And I could keep going.

But yeah, Picnic at Hanging Rock is completely terrifying, and it gives away so little. It never really even shows its hand, but it haunts you well after seeing it. Amazing film.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Peter Weir. I watched YoLD again recently and it holds up perfectly (if you can block out Mel's current insanity.)

PaHR is such a unique film; I doubt such a film could be released today. It moves so slowly that you really have to commit to it, but then it repays you tenfold IN TERROR. It's one of only two films that have given me nightmares on the very night that I saw them (A History of Violence is the other.)

And Tahmoh. Yeah. It's like God stepped back, looked at his handiwork, and said "Well there's no reason that I can't give him all that, AND freckles, too. I am God, after all."

Thank you, Lord.