Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peter Weir's Way Back

Somehow missed this news back in January, but Peter Weir's working on a new film! Shooting it right now maybe even! And it's starring Colin Farrell! Via:

"Director Peter Weir has figured out his cast for The Way Back, an upcoming WWII set project he is developing. Leading the way will be Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Saoirse Ronan. Based on a true story, The Way Back is about a group of soldiers who engineered a grueling escape from a Siberian labor camp in 1942. Farrell plays a tough, tattooed Russian; Harris an American; and Sturgess portrays a young Polish inmate. Ronan will play a Russian on the run who meets up with the fugitives. Weir himself wrote the script based on the memoir by Slavomir Rawicz. Shooting will start in March in Bulgaria."

I was just commenting over here that I don't talk enough about Weir, but he's one of my very favorite filmmakers. It's probably the fact that he doesn't work so often and his last movie (a full six years ago), Master and Commander, I didn't like so much except for Paul Bettany's performance, so I haven't really had the opportunity present itself lately. But I fully love about 75% of the movies he's made, and should make myself think on him more often. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this flick though. Colin could make for a really good fit into Weir's sort of cinema, I think.


Anonymous said...

Great post. It's like your wishing it made it happen. What an incredible cast.

Burbanked said...

I'm not that wild about Farrell, but if anyone can get a great performance out of him, it'll be Weir.

I'd crank Weir's "fully love" index up to about 90%. I loved MASTER AND COMMANDER and I never, ever miss an opportunity to pimp out FEARLESS to anyone who, for whatever wrong-headed reasons, hasn't seen it.