Monday, April 20, 2009

Love The Haircut, Milo


(via) Why am I always coveting Ventimiglia's hair?
Always him with the cool haircuts. Jealous.

Although - and I do feel comfortable calling this out since I've been taking specific note of it the past several episodes - this haircut appears to be pretty close to the awesome haircut his fake brother (and frequent hugging partner) Adrian Pasdar's been sporting lately. Kinda mixed up with some Robert Pattison I guess.

Wow that was way too much hair talk.

In related news, the first half of the finale of Heroes airs tonight, and I have word from a trusty reliable source that this season's chapter's finale is the best the show has ever delivered. So be excited! Be be excited!

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Anonymous said...

Is he getting ready to star in "Morrissey: The Early Years?"