Thursday, April 09, 2009

... Is A Penny Earned.


Yay! I'm so glad that what I believed was coming on last night's episode of Lost didn't happen! Relief! Sweet balm of relief. For now. Until everything inevitably turns to shit. Something's gotta get Desmond back on the island, and I still fear for Miss Widmore. Like most people I'd been convinced for weeks she was fish-food as soon as we got Ben's flashback. So for now, relief. Skeptical, scared relief. (That's not really relief at all, is it? Sigh...)

In other signs that I have lost my damn mind (and that I read Doc Jenson at too much) I actually rewound the episode to get a good look at the backs of the jackets that the men who were hauling Charles Widmore away:

Whatever are those symbols? And more importanly,
will someone please slap me in the face?

The highlight of the episode for me was The Most Important Question Ever Put Forth being put forth: "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Because what I most care about at this point is the fucking statue, and if we don't get answers about the fucking statue I am going to burn the entire world to the ground. The end.


Anonymous said...

My guess is the statue question is a riddle, like when Desmond asked Locke, back in Season 1 or 2, "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?". What's more puzzling to me is WHO IS SHE?! At first I thought Irina was sent by Ben to get Sayid on the island, but now I'm not so sure... is she working for Widmore? Gah, this SHOW! When one question is answered, another is asked. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they mean anything else, but those logos are just an enlargement of the bottom section of the Dharma logo.

I loved last night's episode (but I love any episode that has Ben getting the snot beaten out of him).

Joe Reid said...

It's so funny, because I've always said that of all the great "Lost" mysteries, the one I did not give a shit about was the statue. Yet that seems like the one thing they're gonna give us an answer for. whatevs.

Prospero said...

My big question of the evening - what the hell is up with those hieroglyphs in the temple? Egyptianey (yes, i made up a word) and weird and obviouosly important, or they wouldn't have lingered on them as much as they did. Were they carved by the same people who carved the three-toed foot? Gah! It makes me crazy every time I watch it... and yet, I still watch, hungry for more and angry when an ep is over, because while I am always satisfied, I am never sated.