Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Love You, Walter Bishop

Every time I close my eyes since watching
last night's episode of Fringe, I see this:

Ack! Barf! An omelet with an ear in it!
An ear omelet! Ack! Barf!

How many chances did John Noble have a chance to shine as the befuddled and befuddling genius Walter Bishop last night? Walter is quickly becoming my favorite character on television. Love him.

Y'all are watching Fringe, right? Watch this show, dudes! It has everything! Porcupine Men, bellies filled with baby monsters, that chick from Nick and Norah that I adore. Everything!


Anonymous said...

You are starting to love Walter. He was my favorite character since the beginning.

I wish that Astrid has more screen time. She's in three minutes of every episode... tops.

Jason Adams said...

I said he's becoming my favorite character on all of TV, not that I'm just now starting to love him! You're twisting my words! I've loved him since the Big Bang was just a Little Bang in knee-socks, so there, I win! ;-)

I agree about Astrid. I keep waiting for her to get a storyline. I think they'll save fleshing out the supporting cast a little more into the next season though; right now they've got a lot of setting up the world and mysteries within it. I have faith we'll gett to know her better at some point.

I just like all of the characters so much and can't wait to know more about them, which is an awesome way to feel about a show so early on. I'm totally into it.

Arbogast said...

Eggscuse me, I didn't get that!

Prospero said...

The best new show of the year. What any actor wouldn't give to play a character as rich, funny and bat-shiat crazy as Walter. But I curse Fox and their incredibly lame "AI" for running late two weeks in a row and cutting into my DVR'd "Fringe," leaving me bereft of both eps final moments! Those rat-bastards! I can't wait until Nimoy makes his big appearance!