Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Am Link

--- Clone Wars - The cast is filling in beautifully for Mark Romanek's adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's brilliant novel Never Let Me Go. Most thrilling to me is mention of Oscar-nomination-robbed Sally Hawkins' name - yay! She was so effin' brilliant in Happy-Go-Lucky. How about she replaces Keira in the lead? Eh? Eh? Sigh. Also named are the lovely and underused Charlotte Rampling, and Nathalie Richard and Andrea Riseborough (I don't recognize the latter two; have to look 'em up).

--- Happy Birthday To Me - Warner Bros. just moved the release-date for the sixth Harry Potter film from July 17th up to July 15th, aka my birthday, in an obvious stab at making amends to me and just me for their having shifted it from last Fall to this Summer and breaking my heart. Keep trying! Send me gifts! Large, expensive ones. And Daniel Radcliffe. He should deliver them. In his wizard's robe and nothing else.

--- Crazy For Feelin'... - That's the first shot from the remake of George Romero's The Crazies (via); it's the film's star and resident hot-piece-of-ass Timothy Olyphant looking a) bloody, b) nuts, c) fuckable, d) all of the above. I think ya know where I stand.

--- Barnabas Calling - Is Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows coming out at the end of next year? STYD seems to think so via some Japanese press-release decoding.

--- Ga-Ga For Gondry - There's a nice long convo with the genius Michel Gondry over at AICN in relation to a second DVD of his music videos being released this week, including the mo-fo'ing brilliant one he did for Radiohead's "Knives Out." I already ordered my copy! They're only on sale thru Michel's website here.

--- Cow-gals From Mars - Stale Popcorn shares a delightful image of Miss Tilda Swinton in Jim Jarmusch's upcoming movie The Limits of Control. She can even make a white cowboy hat seem alien (and bless her for it).

--- Chick Fight - There is a girl in Crank 2 besides Bai Ling - it's Amy Smart, returning to the role she played in the first one of Jason Statham's girlfriend (I refuse to say "long suffering girlfriend" even though she's put through the ringer every time because the woman gets to fuck Jason Statham and there is nothing even remotely suffering attached to that), and io9 chatted her up briefly and we learn that she gets her girl-fight on with Bai and there's more public boinking to be had. And again I say cancel the Oscars, we know who's winning everything!

--- Two Sci-Fi, Two Eye-To-Eye - Nat shares a double dose of trailers from upcoming Science Fiction Films Of Interest - Moon with Sam Rockwell and TiMER with the indescribably amazing Emma "Anya" Caulfield (I previously mentioned this movie here).

He also asks a question-to-ponder - are performances in science fiction films given even less love by awards bodies than horror movies? We are scraping the bottom of the barrel here when looking at recognition for either genre, but you do have a few instances of horror actors getting love (Silence of the Lambs ensemble popping immediately to mind) and I can't think of really any science fiction ones doing the same, so he might have a point. Hmm.

--- Wedded Miss - Kristen Bell's next movie is called It's You Again and it's a comedy about a women (Bell) whose brother is marrying her high school nemesis. Sigh. I am so over wedding comedies. I'm having horrible flashbacks of Annie Hathaway running Kate Hudson down in the aisle and feeling all oogy inside. But this'll have my Kristen, so it has a million things in its favor already. Fingers crossed. They need to hire someone that rocks for the bitch part. It all depends on that. That link's suggestion of Jessica Alba makes me want to kill myself.

--- Dead Dolls - io9 takes a look at the contrasting stories being told between "unspecified sources" and FOX itself about the fate of Dollhouse (as well as that Terminator show). One side's saying dead as a doornail, the other's saying nothing's been decided. I think as long as they're still airing episodes they have to deny the show's canceled, right?

--- And finally, ever wonder what sex between Firefly's Jayne and Simon would be like? What about Optimus Prime getting his gay (robot) sex on? io9 took an amusing look at the Unsung Heroes of Slash Fiction.

Note to self: Obi-Wan Kenobi is a total whore.


SamuraiFrog said...

WTH--Harry Potter was coming out on MY birthday! So you stole Harry Potter from my birthday and moved it to yours. I will think of ways you're going to pay for this.

Jason Adams said...

Oh suuuure, Aaron, you wanted Harry Potter AND Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel's movie all to yourself didja? You people with your Friday birthdays, thinking you can have it all. WELL I SHOWED YOU!

Prospero said...

I knew it! My birthday is July 18th. warner brothers gave me an amazing birthday present last year!
This explains so much, fellow Moon Child.

Dale said...

TiMER looks great. It premieres in just ten days for some lucky bastards. Man, I can't wait for the oppotunity to come up to see it. I want Anya, damnit!

I like the idea with the wrist timers. They seem like a good thing at first, but they'd probably be emotionally and socially self-destructive. Like, if you're not going to meet your soulmate until you're 43, that would stop a lot of people from having a functional relationship at all until they're 43. And what if you meet the soulmate and then it's like "This is it?" You wouldn't have anything to look forward to.