Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Am Link

--- Bai Is On Fire - io9 spent some time with International Crazy Lady and Bulk Nipple Supplier Bai Ling talking about her role in Crank 2: High Voltage and it's everything you would expect and more. It involves cameras shooting up her skirt, her almost dying, and the revelation that she's not actually Asian but that "she'd actually descended from the Moon, via satellite, and had landed in Asia."

Also, she apparently improvised most of her dialogue for the movie. If Crank 2 doesn't win Best Picture next year, it's official, the Oscars are a sham.

---More Geek Cred - As if Tahmoh Penikett needs to book himself another spot at the comic book conventions, he's got a new role in a SciFi -excuse me, SyFy (gag) - miniseries, this one called Riverworld. Apparently it's about being beamed into a mysterious after-world post-death or some junk. Hopefully with sexy results!!!

--- Put Your Face On - If I gave much of a shit about H2, Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel, I might warn y'all about spoilers here or have even averted my own eyes from said spoilers, but I don't. I keep thinking if I read more maybe I can force myself to give much of a shit. This news via /Film is interesting, sorta, though. Whatever. I guess Michael Myers is going to be spending as much as 70% of the film without a mask on. It's different, I'll give him that. Thing is, it's the mask that makes Michael Myers scary in the first place. Now we're just gonna have some big lumbering jack-hole lurching around. I don't know. Whatever, man.


Tom said...

Bai Ling is the closest our generation will ever come to having our very own Shelley Duvall. I mean that in the most generous possible way.

Mike z said...

I haven't seen the original Crank, but reading about Bai Ling's antics have single-handedly interested me.

Plus that picture.