Friday, April 03, 2009

I Am Link

--- That Is A Beautiful Suit - That is a beautiful suit, Chris Pine.

--- I Am So Old - Quantum Leap celebrated it's 20th anniversary last week, thereby proving it's only a matter of moments until my entire body is riddled with liver-spots. Check out a chat with the main Leap-er himself, Scott Bakula, over at SciFiWire.

--- Hugh's Ass Is One Of Them - The Vulture Blog at New York Magazine lists 15 reasons why you shouldn't download the leaked copy of Wolverine bur rather wait to see the flick on the big screen. Hugh's big ass is enough. Ass Is Enough!

--- On The Fringe - Fringe star Anna Torv has been making the interview rounds now that the show's back in a couple days (yay!) after a long Winter break. That link is spoilery, by the way. I am so totally into this show now, you guys have no idea. LOVE.

--- And finally, big bad Nathaniel of Film Experience fame has his first post at Towleroad - he's starting a weekly column - up today! So a big congrats to him on the new gig, and y'all go check it out and support the dude.

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