Thursday, April 02, 2009

I Am Link

--- Firstly, Me - If you head over to The Film Experience today you can check out this post by yours truly on the topic of movies that don't end where we think they should end. Inspired by my viewing of the French thriller - the quite good until the last instant French thriller - Tell No One.

--- To Re-See Disco - Joe re-watched the I-remember-liking-it-a-lot movie The Last Days of Disco and says it's held up quite good. I want to watch it again now. I'd forgotten that my love Matt Keeslar was even in it!

--- Riddle Me What - Michael Caine was probably just drunk, but he's telling reporters that The Riddler has been chosen as the next Batman flick's villain.

--- Just Jack, In Jail - The great Arbogast On Film found the most ridiculously incongruous poster for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I wish it were that bonkers!

--- Down On Joss - There's a whole lotta Whedon bashing going on in this post at Electronic Cerebrectomy on the state of Superman and other DC heroes in film, but dare I say that for once I agree with Aaron on the topic of Joss. Joss is wrong here, and Aaron nails why.

--- Howdy, Pilgrim - /Film directs us to the official site for Edgar Wright, and by extension his next flick Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, where Wright's continued on posting behind-the-scenes pics - a new one every day! - from the film's shoot, which just started this week. Behold the goodness!

--- And finally, Magnolia Pictures thinks their movie's fans are stupid pieces of shit for complaining about the subtitle-shenanigans for Let the Right One In. Thanks, dudes! Love you too.

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