Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Couple Of Kate Thoughts

Talking last night's Lost here. Spoilery, sorta.

Y'all know how I expressed a growing distaste for Kate yesterday, due to my fears that she was gonna swing in and muck up everything between Sawyer and Juliet that I'd been loving? Well last night's episode assuaged some of those fears. I liked that they gave Kate a noble reason for going back to the island that has nothing at all to do with Sawyer or Jack. Poor Evangeline Lilly never gets any story-lines that have anything to do with anyone other than those two it seems sometimes, so propping her up as the force to figure out the Claire mystery sits very well with me indeed.

Also, how freaking hot did she look at several points in this episode? That woman... she's a stunner, she is. When she was looking for Aaron in the supermarket?


Anyway, check out all my pal Sean had to say on the episode if you want further chatter; he's been posting his thoughts every week post-show and it's been super delightful every damned time.

One last note: What the fuck, Matthew Fox?

Why do you keep doing this to yourself? You look so much better with the chest hair, yet you keep waxing yourself into this... this... hairless lumpy thing. No! I demand an end to the madness. Put down the razor, man. Put it down. (pics via)


Hugh Man said...

I swear you are my soul mate in needing appropriate nakedness representation for character continuity. Alas, we may have to wait for the answer to this until after the smoke monster is explained. So much time. So many hairs.

Ross said...

Maybe Jack is into that whole adult baby thing and Kate shaved his chest and pubes so she could powder and diaper him.

Joe Reid said...

Not hot.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree and was shaking my fist at the TV for Jack's lack of chest hair. I personally find it one of his sexier features... although, truly, he has plenty.

DuchessKitty said...

Eh, I'll take Matthew Fox any way you give him to me.