Thursday, April 09, 2009

Excuse Me? What Now?

I knew my relative calmness regarding the fate of Dollhouse was gonna end up biting me in the ass. Joss had told us FOX had given him their word that they'd air everything. Well... then it got sorta complicated, I guess. io9 is saying:

"Fox is insisting that Dollhouse is not canceled... They just don't feel like airing the season finale. From Fox's standpoint, the network ordered 13 episodes of the show, and Joss shot two pilots. So if you count both pilots as episodes, then the 12 aired episodes complete Fox's order.

Apparently, the final episode which will air, "Omega," represents Joss' original vision for the end of the season, so we won't feel a lack of closure. But the actual unaired season finale, "Epitaph One," is directed by Joss himself and is his actual final statement. Worst of all, it's not actually certain that the episode will appear on DVD or elsewhere - nothing's decided yet, and Fox may decide not to pay for post-production on the episode."

There are spoilers at that link by the way,
so be careful if you head over to io9.

And just... WHAT THE FUCK?



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But they only aired one pilot...

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