Friday, March 06, 2009

You May Soon Possess Possession

If someone who's as big and devoted a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lee Pace as I am (Buffy! Ned! Buffy and Ned!) could constantly forget that they made a scary movie together because it kept vanishing from existence for years and years now, then this movie was bound to be screwed. But it's actually getting released! To DVD. Screwed! Via STYD:

"We posited here that Possession, the long-delayed Sarah Michelle Gellar film, was going to direct-to-DVD after flirting with various theatrical releases. Other sources said, "no."

Fox Home Entertainment is officially saying "yes." A DVD and Blu-Ray debut are scheduled for May 12th. Official specs and artwork are forthcoming. For a trailer, one-sheet, photos and more click here!"

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Anonymous said...

thanks Jason!!! though May 12th seems awfully long to wait.... I guess it's not your fault :)